Superwave security

Service with Diligence

Manned Guarding

We know that you need Security Guards for very important reasons. You must be able to count on your security personnel and be confident in their ability to perform their duties. If you can’t, then they are useless to you and your business. We have professional, experienced Security Guards  available 24 / 7 to assist you with your security requirements.

You need to be able to rely on your security company to provide trustworthy, dependable and professional Security Guards. We understand that our Security Guards are often the first person your visitors see when entering your premises. Image, professionalism, and customer service are essential, that is why we are committed to only employ the best Security Guards in . Our Security Guards pride themselves on always upholding a professional and courteous approach whilst first and foremost protecting the interests of the client.

When Security Guards are assigned to a site, our quality standards then ensure that they receive additional security training specific to the client/ site they are protecting. This includes emergency procedures, site contacts, fire safety, and more depending on the requirements of the assignment With regular, ongoing training through our preferred security training provider to ensure their skills are current, our Security Guards excel in all aspects of security operations including security related laws and regulations.

Patrol and Dog handling

With a 24 hour control centre you can rest assured that we have the local knowledge needed to protect your valuable physical and financial assets.

You can trust our highly-trained and experienced Patrol Officers to look after your premises – whether it is industrial, commercial or residential.

We use several recognized breeds of patrol and detection dogs including German Shepherds. Our dogs are carefully selected for their intelligence, strength, endurance, acute sense of smell, and temperament.

Our dog section is expected to expand to include foot patrols for customer sites, and explosive, weapons and narcotics detection services. The Unit also intends to be used in crowd control situations for major events. The use of dogs, in conjunction with trained security guards, adds a high level of deterrence and added peace of mind for our clients.


The physical protection of your business or residence starts with a dependable alarm system or CCTV that offers protection without breaking the bank. Alarm systems and CCTV, like a lot of today’s new technology, can be confusing and expensive. At Superwave Security , our Licensed Technicians will work with you to determine your security requirements and tailor an electronic security solution that is affordable yet effective.

We use only the best alarm systems and CCTV systems on the market, so you know your business or home is protected by the latest technology. We don’t compromise on quality, after all it is the security of yourself, your family and your assets on the line.

Whether you need a standard alarm system for your home or business – or integrated CCTV throughout your industrial premises, with Tsuperwave Security Australia you will always know you are protected.

24/7 support & assistance

Once we have installed your security system, you will receive ongoing support and technical assistance – you won’t be left in the dark.
And since we offer end-to-end security services, we can also provide patrols and alarm response services to accompany your new security system if required.


We offer professional services in debt collection and debt management to enable our clients concentrate on their core business. 

Our commitment is focused on improving our client’s cash flow position by reducing the level of bad debts through prompt and effective debt collection services.